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Oral Agreement: (May 6, 2012) I allowed a friend to use my personal line of credit to purchase furniture (for her son & his girlfriend). At the time, she stated that she would have it paid off within 3 months. (by July, 2012). this time (mid July, 2012), only $300.00 has been paid towards the debt (payment sent in June 28, 2012 - 1 day late) with an added late charge on first payment. Since then, she has stated (each week) that she is going to send in $500.00, and each week, when I check the acct., there is NO PAYMENT. On top of this, she is bullying /blaming me for bothering her about the debt, telling me she would never have asked to borrow money from me if she knew I would be bothering her. I have been told not to bother her and that she will get the payment in each week, (which she never does). Also, she has received all statements and would not allow me a copy of the statement (I was told I could call the finance company to get a copy... I have since closed the account and rerouted statements to my address). Part of this agreement was that she NOT RUIN MY CREDIT (which she is in the process of doing). Only 1 credit payment has become due so far, and this was paid late. Next payment due July 27. Each week, she has stated that she is going to send in $500.00 payment, but nothing so far. My stress level has been extreme and I have had to bend over backwards to try and keep a decent attitude with this woman - in order to get her to please pay the debt. I think I am actually developing an ulcer over this. What can I legally do to ensure she pays the debt or I recover the costs?? Any help, ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


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