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I am a US Citizen born at Fort Lewis Washington by US parents. I gave birth to 4 children in Mexico, 3 boys and a girl. we now live in the US and two of my dark skinned,brown eyed boys have been held by ICE in Texas. 1 spent 3 days and two nights in County Jail until we could present birth certificate. He had provided his TX Drivers License, but had inverted the last two digits of his social security number. That same day we provided all the documents necessary and after numerous phone calls and only getting an answering machine. i had to drive to Homeland Security Office to get him released. 1 month later last Friday. My oldest was held also in the same town and jail. ICE informed me that all US citizens born abroad with a Social Security number must PROVE legal staus to be in this country. I am irrate and would like to persue a Civil Rights Class Action Suit. Do I have a case if they are racially profiling boys who look like two of my sons? I have a blonde blued boy who has never been asked WHERE he was born.


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