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I am a us citizen,my child was born in mexico,my childs birth certificate was registered with another fathers name. so i called the us.consular and told them about my name not being on the birth certificate,so they said just schedule a appointment and then will proceed from there.I arrived on dec 27.10 and took all the documents they requested,plus my child and the childs mom,because im not married and the child not having my name,I was required to have a dna test.i then go back to the us embassy.and have my child and i take a dna test.I a few weeks later a call the us embassy.and they told me my child is approved for abroad certificate and passport . i was told with in two -four weeks i would get her passport. its been three months and i have not received anything.I call the consular all they respond is now you need your childs birthcertificate with your name on it,and we will proceed with the certificate, All this time,i thought that my child was getting her passport,why was she approved by the us embassy, why take a dna test,why pay the passport before getting approve by DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Can you advise me what to do ...


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