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I write you today to have you legal advice on my case. I recently divorced from my American wife (born US-Citizen) in mid-June of this year after filling almost a year ago. After I got separated with my ex-wife, I moved to Dubai where I currently work since late 2009. During this 2-year separation, I met with my new wife who is a dual citizen, like myself, of Morocco(born) and the USA(naturalized), and who also happens to have recently divorced from her US born husband.
Last summer (August 2010), while in Morocco, for religious reasons we had to get married to be together (while we were both still separated from our respective soon-to-be-ex-spouses). Last May, we have been blessed with the birth of our first child, here in Dubai.
I am under sponsorship of my company on my US passport while I am sponsoring my wife on her Moroccan passport.
Is my Moroccan marriage valid under US law?
If not how should I proceed to legalize my union under US law?
How can I legitimate my child as a US Citizen?
Can the situation jeopardize our US citizenship?

Thank you


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