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I have a nephew born in Germany. His mother is a german citizen, brother ( his father) was station in the Army. My brother left Germany a few months before my nephews birth. My bother informed me of this child immediately on his return to the United States. My family lost contact with his mom when the child was an infant. Recently this young man now 26 y old has made contact with our family. He is my brothers child. My brother has many personal issues and is the only one of us that has not amde contact with this child. My brother never denied his existense, he was an absent financially and other wise. I promised my father before passed that I would my best to make sure my nephew is deemed a United States Citizen, because he is my brothers child. I need help in finding out what do I do, especially because my brother is estranged from not only all his children, but his mother, and his sisters and brothers. I can depend on him to do the right thing. It is very important to my family that he has complete access to us as his cousin do. He has two sisters and a brother in the United States. He should have all the rights in the USA because he is the offspring of an ex United States Serviceman. My family has been waiting for this moment as has he, we look forward to the day he can step on United States soil as a citizen, even if it is duel citizenship. Where do I go from here? My mother is 70 years old, she is willing to give her DNA as well as myself, my brother John. Please help my family!!!


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