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was wondering if there is any way to get my birth certificate ever again. i've been trying for about 6yrs now. i was born abroad in Saigon,Vietnam. my father was a U.S. Marine and was stationed into the Vietnam War and met my mother there and then out came my sister and i. we came to the U.S. 2yrs later in 1972 to Portland, Oregon and lived there til July 2004. Then moved to Dallas, TX. Somewhere during the move to Dallas i had lost my birth certificate. and i've tried to contact Oregon and Vietnam. they said there is no way they can issue anything for me without any copy of my ID sent from me. and Vietnam said many files were lost during the Vietnam War.
So i've been living with no ID since my Oregon ID expired March 2006. i couldnt get a TX ID because i didnt have my birth certificate. each year i try to contact people but they give me the same run around. 'go back where you were born or go back where you last had a drivers license' which i've did many times but they give me the same thing. The Funny thing is that its so easy for the police to pull me over and give me a ticket or take me to jail for unpaid tickets even though i dont have any kind of ID. HAHA


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