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I have very curios case.. My mom was born in the philippines by a u.s citizen american soldier and a full blooded filipina in 1948.. My mom found out later on that she automatically acquired citizenship through her american dad and decided to migrate to the u.s when i was 8months old.. My mom has been stayed in the u.s for how many years and decided to pettion us..we are all here now in the u.s except for the oldest brother...i have a permanent greencard but my full questions is..i was actually born to a u.s citizen mother since she automatically hae her citizenship..i went to the u.s when i was 13 and not knowing that im possibly an american citizen and would like to get my u.s passport..but now i dont know if the post office will recognize it or i dont know if they are going to ask me for some other paperworks..idk but im going to try anyways i dont wanna spent 900 bucks to get the naturalization certificate im goin to try applying for he u.s passport first


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