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first of all let me say tha LEGALZOOM rocks.. This is a very usefull website.. Thanks so much.

Now,i have a question and a situation that I will like to know where im standing on.

This is whats going on: I was born in Cuba,and lived there till I was 26,then I came to the US (september 2007) im an US citizen and serving active duty on the US Army infantry.. I got marry like 2 years ago with a canadian girl,and she just got her green card by been marry to me.. But since I got stationed in fort Riley kansas and we use to live in miami.. Our relationship stared having issues and we havent seen each other since june 2010.. (not a big deal) anyway.. We have been separated since then but still marry (working on the divorce) BUT!!... Last december I whent back to cuba to se my family for first time since I left... And I also saw my 3years relationship girlfriend from when I was living in cuba(the only reason why we broke up was because I had to leave the island) So seen each other again was like no humans words haved been created yet to describe such thing.. We love each other like crazy.. We always did(why I got marry with the canadian is complicated.. But was real.. No for the green card at all.. But was a mistake.. We all screw it up sometimes) but now... My cuban sweetheart is pregnant and especting our NOT ACCIDENT child.. So this is what I will like to do (of course I have to get finaly divorced first) but my consern is that in very few I will be deployed overseas,and there is a real consern that I could not come back alive, and I was wandering 1st: (cuz I will be in cuba again in few days) if there is something I could do on the US interest section in havana like taking her and sing some kind of declaration that that is my child-to-be so in case I dont make it while deployed at least my child get the benefit of my cityzenship and the mother and the child get to live in the country I love and fight.for it... I will love to get marry with my cuban sweethart.. But im trap on this marriage and I dont think is going to be fix before I deploy.. Deploiment is right there in the corner...

So what you can advise ?.... Thank u very much


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