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My wife is USA citizen living in Australia (Spouse Visa). I am Australian citizen . I would like to know if

**** she could apply USA spouse visa for me while staying in Australia or she will have to move to USA then apply for me . I heard sponsor need to have a job to Sponsor any family member to USA .

****Beside we have another issue which is while she was processing her citizenship paper in USA she declared that she is single instead of married to finalise paper work quick as we thought USA immigration might ask a lot of question in regards to her motive whether or not she will be living in USA if she declared she is married . Now the problem is as she will be applying for spouse visa for me I assume we will have to provide marriage certificate and the marriage certificate can prove by the date that we were married while she applied and got the USA citizenship .

I am a bit lost could any one advise me the best move for us or is it a big issue .Thank you so very much .


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