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I live in Minnesota and I do not like the feral cat hunting law. It gives way too many trigger happy hunters carte blanche to shoot your pet right in your yard or on your property, where your pet has every right to be. Everything the posters have said about cats killing songbirds and disease and inbreeding, etc, can be said about most rural populations of people (I am one of those rural people), and you don't see too many people advocating hunting season on 10-year-olds with BB guns or the creepy people with guns we have met out and about. As for it mentioning in the article about an undetermined number of small mammals, I hope to heck they continue. I do not want to be hip deep in mice, rats, chipmunks and other rodents. If you don't think rodents impact birds, think again. They chew bushes and trees and can girdle them or allow disease to enter through the holes in the bark and kill them, so the habitat dies, and rats also will eat any eggs or baby birds they can get. They spread many diseases, and are just plain destructive in large numbers, as are any animals in large numbers. What we, as humans, need to do is not kill these animals. We need to solve the problem by funding catch, fix and release until the numbers are manageable and probably we need to make it socially unacceptable/a misdemeanor to allow our pets to remain unneutered and loose to breed indiscriminately. Put the blame where it belongs, on irresponsible humans, and put solving the problem where it belongs, don't make the cats pay for what their irresponsible owners did to them.


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