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You people need to grow up. I commonly "hunt" feral cats, whether it is illegal or not. There were about 40 where I live. I AM a cat lover. My cat goes outside and wanders around my yard. The feral cats attack her on site. They spray all over my house, simply because I have a cat. They fight on my deck at night, and a few have even been attacking my dogs. No one would do anything. Fine, I'd take matters into my own hands.

I have been culling their numbers for about a year. The neighborhood has seen a drastic reduction in feral cat numbers, from about 40 to 15. Everyone is thanking me, since the cat issues were not only related to me.

I would never shoot a cat with a collar. I don't believe in removing house cats. Feral cats are a true and growing problem in the state. If you live in the country, they are horrible and overwhelming. If "hunting" like me, you aren't in it to torture the animals or thrill kill. The numbers do have to come down.


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