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I am A Cat Lover. But I do think shooting feral cat should be legal. I also feel that there should be a law so if a person wants to buy a cat or own a cat that they need to have it spayed or neutered with a time limit for the person to do so or that cat will be removed and sold to a responsible owner. if a person wants to bread cats they need to have a license with training To breed which needs to be check on regularly,to make sure that things a sanitary, the cats are well taken care of and healthy not free roaming, also they would need to keep records on who they sold to with proof of neutering or spading and proof of shots ,
I have a 10 year old male cat neutered. He goes outside with a collar and is attached to a leash we live in the country, but we never leave him out alone he is very spoiled but a very good cat extremely smart and well behaved, in the summer he likes to go outside to use the bathroom (like a Dog).This past Memorial day (just A Few Days ago) we were outside and saw a scrappy looking cat, we did not touch the cat, feed it or encourage it to come around.That cat has Distemper Now my cat has the distemper virus I have been treating him for the past 2 days and have not left the house since. Luckily because I treat my cat like a kid I pay attention to him and do not just let him come and go as he wishes (by the way he knows not different and is very happy).I was able to get him to a vet the same day he did not want to get up or was not able to get up, I have been giving him a strong Antibiotic every 12 hours. today is the first day he has gotten up to eat and drink his food. I have been trying to have this cat trapped so it will not infect more animals i have called the local animal authorities with no response and local animal organizations how say they cannot help I need to call this place or that place. So at this point I have given my husband the Ok to shoot and kill that cat if it comes around our neighbor is going to do the same. At least then the cat will not have to suffer and Die in pain or spread Distemper to other cared for pets. Sometimes you just need to do what is right. I do not blame that cat for getting my cat sick, I blame the people that have cats and do not take care of them.


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