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There is in some circles a plaque on the heirs of various superstars and they are being cut out of the wills for one various reasons. They according to their parents should earn their spot & make a living without living off the money their parents made. Sean Connery is one example & in some circles. The heirs believe that some outfit or organization has "poisoned" the minds of their parents to put there riches in their outfits instead of the kids. However for some, like Reginald Van Dough, the mean cousin of Richie Rich in The Harvey Comics series is boning up to become The Jack of All Trades & earn his fortune to upgrade himself and his community & save his beloved cousin from terrorists. Reggie believes nobody is allowed to mess with his beloved cousin. Only Reggie is allowed to do it & because of the writers of Harvey Comics his stints backfired. So a message is heard to the Disenherited: GET A LIFE AND GET A JOB!
King Titan 658


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