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America is a law crazy nation. A country that brags it is FREE when in reality it is a country that is the most restrictive in the World. Only ignorant Americans with no knowledge of its laws think it is free.

When I saw Martha Stewart get convicted for four Felonies, I knew it was time to leave America. America is finished. It is just a matter of time now. The majority of people who are entering the U.S to live are those who don't have much in their own Country. Quality of life is falling. Companies are forced to move overseas just to compete. Millions have lost there homes due to Wall Street's greed in trading mortgages. Millions have lost their jobs and many have to work two (2) jobs just to make ends meet. The people are being taxed to death. Every where a person turns there is some type of tax or fee. However, individual income has not grown adequately. Husbands, wives and their children are killing each other in record numbers. Crime is one of the highest in the World. Children are afraid to play in their front yards. Drug addiction is out of control. America is in debt to other Counties like never before. Millions of people around the World hate America. Now Countries are working to move away from the dollar as a World currency, which will hasten Americas further decline.

There are better Countries than America to live a better life.


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