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I think you mean embarrassment* ;). But I completely agree. When I was nine I fell off of a playground and thereby severely injured my back. I gained weight exponentially over the next year or two from the lack of physical activity the injury inflicted. I have dealt with the emotional trauma that comes from being overweight in today's society (which can be quite overwhelming and severe). But did I sue the kid that pushed me off the playground? Did I sue the school for providing such a dangerous environment to play on? Did I sue anyone and everyone else that might have tortured me mentally and emotionally? No. Why should I? The world might say I have right especially it wasn't my fault that I fell. But what's the point? I healed. What didn't go away made me a stronger person because I wouldn't let it take me the other way. I've since worked hard to lose all the weight that I gained from the injury. It was a keystone to the development of my character. What would have happened if I'd sued and been spoiled with my winnings? I wouldn't be respected, I'd probably still be fat, and I wouldn't have any ethics of life. I'm incredibly thankful that I nearly broke my back when I was 9, it changed my life. So pardon me if I don't take pity because someone didn't take proper caution or didn't use common sense. Is it unfortunate? Yes. But was it really the other person's fault? I don't remember reading that a McDonald's employee opened the cup and dumped it on the lady's lap. I must have missed that part. But when you find it let me know and I might sympathize.
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