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I'm 8 months into my 3 year lease and looking at transferring it to someone else using one of the web sites you mentioned. They called me back today reiterating everything here but also noted that even if I were to transfer the lease to someone else I would still be on the lease as a secondary lessee. This scares me as it sounds like I still will have some liability even if I were to transfer the lease. This is not something I expected or for that matter really wanted to hear. Now I'm having second thoughts because I'm not quite clear at exactly what my liability is if something disastrous were to happen to the car (damaged, stolen, wrecked, impounded) while in the primary lessee's possession. I understand that if the new transferee were to default I would become primary lessee again and take over the car and payments again but my concern has to do more with what exactly is my liability for the actual car when essentially it is in another's possession? Thank you.


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