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Chris Kudo's to you!
Your On IT!!! or about it!!!
People it's about the Corporation
Protecting your assets! Chris is right
about his comment. You get these things
out of your name and let the Corporation
whom is a
1)Artificial Person
2)Never Piercing the Corporate Veil(look it up)
or ask a Paralegal or Atty
Corporate Para/Atty OR Acct or CPA Please)
3)Chancery Court Delaware (Look it up)
4) A Pro Business state like Delaware or Neveda.
Also you need to understand the
LLC's, C Corporation,Partnership, S Corp,etc
because each is unique. Do your Research!
There is a reason you have the
They are protected by the gov't
and they will never be allowed to dwindle
or dissolve. Called Capitalism!
So called free enterprise! Remember the
Bailouts 100's of Billions of Taxpayers monies
that's US folks!!!
Works for a few not for ALL- So wise up my
fellow Americans.
Get yours before you become broke again/homeless/
lose everything you worked for over 20/30/40/50+years.
But always remember no matter what you cannot take
these things to the grave SO WISE UP!


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