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Just so you all know, there is no law (no matter who says, you should always look for yourself...ALWAYS) Anyways, there is NO LAW (at least federally) that requires anyone to file an income tax return. Paying is one thing, but no one has to legally file. Don't freak out. You will NOT go to long as you prove in court that there is nothing that forces you to file. Unfortunately, most legal system folk fail to mention or just don't know this because filing has become so common place that it's just expected, and Americans have a nasty habit of blindly believing that what is expected is also the law.

And as another tip, no one legally has to pay back loans (usually from banks) because they are a form of illegitimate consideration which voids the contract to repay. This was proven in the court case "First National Bank of Montgomery VS. Jerome Daly."
Within the first six pages of "Modern Money Mechanics," a book published by the Federal Reserve describing the practice of money creation in a "fractional reserve" banking system, it states that banks must have a legally required reserve (10% of deposits) and then it CLEARLY states that the banks don't take the excessive reserve (the other 90%) out of the banks, otherwise no new money would exist. THE FED MAKES MONEY OUT OF THIS AIR, and by design, so do all the other banks controlled by it. This is how inflation can exist!
In black and white, money and debt are literally the same thing. This is true because if every debt were paid off, there wouldn't be any money at all. A former governor of the FED, Marriner S. Eccles, even said that!!

If this economic bs is still making no sense, I HIGHLY SUGGEST watch Part I of Zeitgeist: Addendum on YouTube.


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