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Chris is right... I was a w2 employee and in 2006 I did not file my taxes. I actually did not file them till 2010 and the IRS agents busted me and charged me for tax evasion. I'm taking a plea for 2 years in prison... I'm hoping I will get house arrest. My crime is not because I owe money but because I did not file... I never knew this. I wish there were a class in high school that tought me that. We are all to know that if you don't file you are in big trouble. I learned the HARD way as I have a wife and 2 kids. It's basically ruining my life. My wife already left for 6 months with another man because she was scared I was going to prison.... She came back and I just had my hearing on September 24, 2012. I have two more court dates to see the outcome... I'll know by January 2013 if I'm going away. I will never not file my taxes again... If I owe oh well. It's not a crime to owe, it's a crime to not file.


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