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Here's a scenario... A husband has a business, and based on his politics, the husband does not report the business income for a good number of years. The wife either doesn't take part in the husbands behavior, or doesn't know about it at the time. The husband passes away and the wife closes the business. There is several hundred thousand dollars of business money in a bank account and the wife is afraid to access that money for fear that the community will find out, she'll be publicly humiliated and sent to prison if the IRS finds out. She is paralyzed by fear and doesn't know what to do. She is afraid to ask for counseling for fear that word will get leaked out. Her family is also fearful, and doesn't know what to do. -- Is there any way that she can set her self free without getting in a mound trouble, going to jail, etc? What are her options? Thank you.


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