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I am wanting to get a divorce. when we got married he was incarcerated and i was pressured to do so because I had now where else to go. During that time I consummated our marriage with another man. I asked for an annulment but I think that it is to late for that now. After about 3 years he came home we tried to make it work but it didn't last 2 months I left him in fear of my life. Had to get an exparte on him from his threats and had to log everything. after living in fear for so long I left the state so I could have some sanity, and he got locked back up. Now he is out again and I am ready to move on with my life. We are both now in separate states how do we start this? He said he would grant it to me but won't file, I have never done this and I don't even know where to start. I need some guidance in making this happen quickly. I am in love and we are wanting to get married as soon as possible.......Help!!!!!


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