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I was notified by forwarded mail to take a paternity test from the state of Oregon in 1990 while working in Anchorage, Alaska. I responded by phone and spoke to a representative immediately. I explained that I did not sleep with the woman within 2 months of the conception date and asked to take a paternity test in Alaska. I was told there were not any labs in Alaska that were recognized by the state of Oregon. I then asked how to go about resolving the issue of paternity, and was told that I needed to make it to Oregon. I told the representative that I would be back in Eugene, Oregon in September to attend Lane Community College. The man said that I would be within the timeframe to still take the test. I arrived in Eugene in September as agreed and found that they filed with the court in my absence. I was told it was too late. My checks were garnished and I was broke.I paid for a paternity test that says 0.00 probability of fatherhood and submitted it to 7 or 8 caseworkers and supervisors, nothing happened but sorry we know its a mistake. The states administrative law judge overturned it but now the state denied validity because he was not a circuit court judge. Still struggling financially and state is coming after me. Woman admitted to me it was wishful thinking that I was the one in '91 and to caseworkers since '98. I dont have lawyer money, I have a child of my own and I struggle to put him #1. Any ideas?


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