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Yes, it is fraud...but no there's no laws against it. My ex swore I was the only possible father and I stepped up to the plate. Two years and 15-20K later, I am ordered to pay support...though TWO paternity tests have cleared me. The hearing officer wouldn't accept the first one because it was older than 90 days, but refused to court order a test telling me to go pay another 200 for a new test that says the same thing.I work out of town too, so every court hearing costs me a week's pay. I didn't get a lawyer because I've already spent so much and now I'm broke.
Now when it really comes down to it, its all about the kids right? Not in Florida. The child is a year and a half now and her mother (who hasn't worked in two years) can't collect from the real father because the court has been screwing around with my case. If I get a court date soon and am cleared, it will be another year of legalities before she gets paid.
So the mother, who knew there were multiple father possibilities, purposefully conceived and held to a lie, causing irreparable emotional damage to the alleged father, lack of care for the child and a lot of the courts time and money.
Can I sue for the 20K this cost me? Sure, but even if the judge agrees with me I'll never see anything from her.
We need legislation in America for:
1. Requiring a woman to pay for paternity tests...if its positive, the father pays it back along with child support obligation. Women will be less likely to make up fathers if they have to take responsibility for what they do.
2. Affidavit for paternity scrapped. This is a misleading and incredibly damaging piece of paper...when you just cut the cord on your kid you really can't emotionally handle making the decision to sign or not. MANDATORY PATERNITY TEST FOR EVERY ALLEGED FATHER!!!


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