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I had a one night stand and yes i used protection 10Month later this female came to my place with a boy telling me he was my so i told her lets have a dna test i didnt even knew her last name but she told me it was my we both agree to have a dna test and she said she would be glad to do a test, childsupport send a letter to the place i was leaving from childsupport office and that letter wasnt even the right name so what i did i personaly went to the support office and told them thats what i got at my home address the only thing support office did ask for my license and made a copy of it and they said it was my without no dna testing but that letter had a totally differnt name and i was stuck with it and from their she was gone for 5 years and i had to pay childsupport and pay backpay for 5years i try so many times to findout where she lived and no luck i ask the supprt office to give me info wher she lived and they wouldnt give me any info, so for 12 years i was paying $528 a mnt and i had so many hard times cus of this.Finally i lost my job and courts still wanted $528 and i coulnt pay this no more and i ask the judge to bring my payment down because i wasnot working so he made arrangement to a court date with that girl and myself by then the boy was 11yrs old thats when i saw her again with her husband i believe and i asked the judge that i need it a dna test and he told me if would come out of my pocket to pay for the test and i agree to pay and that day i found out she had 3 boys from 3 diferent dads she was claiming getting childsupport from 3 differnt guys and i was one of them so the judge told her to meet with me for dna test that week so we did the dna test and came negative and i saw that kid 2 times when he was 10month and 5 years that women put me thru hell on my life so how can i get all the money back from her i was nerver on that kid life she was money hungry and she got me for 12 years for $76,000 thousands plus how can i get all this back and for pain and suffering for 12years i have the dna results on hand she just picked me as a piggy bank for her can i sued her for fraud


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