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I am in a position where i am engaged to a wonderful man whom pays child support for his 8 yr old daughter who he sees every weekend and has her for the summer. This is fine. The problem is there is another child involved w/a different mother that charges him child support.He does not have any legal rights to this child. The time of the pregnancy does not match up.(He was in jail at the time she admitted to being pregnant) We come to speculate the child is not his but do not have a dna test to prove. This is headache i want to know where and how we can get this "money hugging" mother to take the dna prove the child isn't my fiance's and stop the child support payments that hurt us financially already raising a wonderful 8yr old girl. There HAS to be something he can do. This mother has been married and still refuses to adopt this child into the husbands name and drop support on my fiance who is being thrown around in courts for rearage and having his drivers license taken away cause of rearage not paid. He keeps a monthly payment going out to BOTH mothers and tries his hardest to abide by the courts rules. But this is stressful for me dealing w/a mother who messed around got pregnant and years of putting my fiance through jail and fines in the thousands$$$. Please help guide us to some sort of action we can take for this matter! Thank-you..


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