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Do you have documents about this issue? I would like to know what rights a for-profit "private establishment" has regarding refusing for-profit services to the public. And if I need a lawyer about such Constitutional law through your referal service, how do I search for one? Constitutional lawyers are hard to find. Or, is there a way for me to find out if I am wrong (or rather, the US Supreme Court would consider me to be wrong) about for-profit "private establishments" (don't really know what that means except that they aren't owned by the government) and their requirements to adhere to such anti-discrimination laws regarding their service--specifically dress codes that are discriminatory. I would think that if they are profiting from their services, then they have to open it up to everyone. I would also think that unless there is a clear-cut detriment to their business or their clients, then they can't refuse service to someone who is paying and is acting legally. Documents would be fantastic. How to search for legal help would also be awesome.


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