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I have a rather interesting situation. I have been employed at an upscale restaurant for about a year, while studying in the grad school. Right before my graduation, my employment has been terminated because I called sick (I did have a doctor's notice, but they fired me anyways, because I called 2 hours in advance and not 4 hours as prescribed by the corporate policy). Nevertheless, right after that I was hired for a management position by a major software company and I've came to visit my old place with my girlfriend. We did have a good dinner, everything was great, I've paid,left a good tip and we left. In a month or so I came there with a friend of mine and one of my business partners. The manager of the place met me next to a host stand, called me aside and told me that they "cannot have me here, because employees who were involuntarily terminated cannot be served, so I will allow you in tonight, but I cannot have you here anymore". I've wrote an email to HR person asking for explanation of this company's policy and I am still awaiting a reply. But to me it seems as a clear violation of my civil rights. Can you please advise me on that?


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