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I was denied entrance to a restaurant/bar my the manager who also happens to be the mother of me ex girlfriend. I was completely sober, very nicely dressed, and like always, greeted warmly by the regulars who frequent the establishment. Just before sitting down at a table with a date, the manager came over and demanded that I leave, saying "you get out of here, you're not welcome anymore" I questioned her as to why but she only repeated herself. I know her very well, because, after all, her daughter and I have lived together for over three years, but I simply was not happy and broke it off. This caused trouble between her family and ME. Nothing had to do with the restaurant. Is this legal or do I have a case with under the "Federal Civil Rights Act" and/or the "UNRUH" act? Someone with real knowledge of this please give me advice. I was embarrassed in public and treated rudely at a place I where spend money frequently. I'm not looking for opinions from post trollers but real useful information from someone who is knowledgeable of this area of law. Thank you for your kind consideration and thank you in advance.


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