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i have a question about unwelcoming customer. he has came recently. He sat at bar. but did not any tip for chef. Even the chef gave him a good service. last time he came and ate food. but he said he had no wallet so he will bring it in an hour. i asked him for his cell no. he gave $20 bill before leaving. but a couple of hours later, my coworker told me that bill is fake. so i called this customer many times but he did not answer. so called the police and reported this customer about the fake money. the police came and took that money. the customer called me after that . he said that money is impossble and he will come to pay for his meal next day. so he came next day. the amount of the bill is 80 dollar. but he paid only 60 dollar. he said he already paid $20 by fake one. I told him the fake money is taken by the police. he just said he has benz car and nice house. he will bring the rest of money next monday.. How can i handle this situation? can i refuse this customer ? give me some advise ?


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