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I am working at a salon and was forced to sign a polity (after I was hired) that I cannot service a particular person (the owner has this person's name on the policy. The owner of the salon has personal issues with this particular person that has nothing to do with the employee of the salon nor the services. Because of of hate, she banned this particular person and made all of sign a policy and I quote: " No one is allowed to rendered any services to XYZ if she requested, even if she wants to pay for the service. If any technicians does, he/she will be terminated". We all have no problem with this neighbor of ours, but because out of personal animosity, she forced us to sign a policy which i think is illegal. I feel like we are force to discriminate this person arbitrarily. I might be wrong, but I feel like this is organized discrimination against an individual brought on by he boss because of personal animosity. She uses her power and threatened us that if we don't agree to rendered services to this particular person, then we can work somewhere else. Again, I was a month before this "crazy" policy was introduced. I think this is a case of abuse of power and arbitrary discrimination that this salon owner is forcing all of to follow. Please advice.

Greatly Appreciative


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