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People who have this privilege do not call it conjugals. These are family visits. For this ever to be implemented in other states it must be understood. These visits are to keep the family bonds alive. They are not only for married couples. I have this right in new York. My husband is in a maximum security prison and has been for the last 18 years, so this article is wrong on more than one point. In New York any prisoner can apply and have visits with their parents, brothers and sisters they don't have to be married as long as the correctional facility officers this program. To qualify you must have a positive behavior history, take anger management and substance abuse classes if a drug offense.
Just like some of the comments above people think it;s about sex only. This is about family bonds. A father parenting his child who is also a victim, or the parents and the wife who are also victims just not popular ones. The relativism rate in New York of prisoners who have family visits is 19% those who don't have family visits is 49%. This program works if only the puplic would see the other side of the picture. You put a man in prison for 20 years and take everything away from him then let him out what kind of man will be released into the community. You take a man who is able to serve his time and keep his family intact will most likely not re-offend.


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