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I'm a true believer is everybody need to be treated as person man or woman I thank if people man or woman is locked up they should be able to have a family visit no matter what level they are on they still have family,kids and that special someone that will help with a lot of problems that happen in the prison federal prison should be the main ones to have family visits a lot of people that's in there don't have family or other and they may go but they may not come visit I'm not saying make it a everyday thing every 60days if coming from other states allow family visits for the weekend it doesn't have be to be taxpayers money the person or people that want that family visit could pay just as they would do if they was at a room...the problems and behavior prisons both state and federal wouldn't be the way it is now...get it a try,oh and ones in high security with 20,25 and more or life these the people should be able to get the offer 1st marriage is marriage no matter what before they was in there or after it shouldn't matter it takes a stronger person to deal with someone that's locked up and it's shows that person who's locked someone still care for and about them regardless of the fact with if they are in prison..everybody need somebody kids,family whatever..


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