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Hi me and my girlfriend had a vacation package to cancun from san diego san diego ca we showed our passports and ticket inf. and everything was ok..when we got to phenix az airport,the employee at the counter humiliated in front of all the passengers,she refused to scan the passport of my girlfriend,claims it was altered and said it was the employees fault of san diego..we were stranded in phenix for over 11 hrs until they send us back after trying to get on 2 other flights.when I arrived in san diego again i asked a supervisor to chek the passport that i was planning to fly to cancun mex. He told passport was good,that I could fly on their airline without any problems,e also sated that he had trained the employee who denied us access on the plane..all he did tell us is just send in a complain so we can get our ticket airfare reimbursed..


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