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Hi, I have been living in a home for almost four months now. A month after we moved in we noticed a musty smell in the master bedroom. I lifted the corner of the carpet back to find Black Mold from a leak in the roof that flows down the inside of the wall. I notified the Landlord and he said he would have someone look at it. Needless to say nobody ever came to look at it. I said something to him two weeks later and he said it was not on his high priority list. We have a three year old boy and a four month old girl. Both of them constantly cough when we are in the house. I stopped paying him rent a month and a half ago until he repairs it. Two days ago we started having electrical problems. There are two fuses in the outside box. The one that is messing up is the one that controls the Refrigerator and A/C and lights in the kids room. All of our food in the freezer and Fridge are ruined. We cant stay there because it is so hot. We contacted him and he was drunk and told us that he was tired of our crap and to pack our **** and he wasn't fixing it. Is there any chance of breaking the lease and getting our security deposit back?


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