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Iv'e had mold in my apartment for five months due to water damage from my ceiling in my bedroom/upstairs closet/downstairs living area.My 4 yr old son has had upper resportory problems for the past 4 months.The manager /propery management has been slow to act.Iv`e sent a certified letter stateing that this is unliveable conditions .The manager this morning came pounding on the door 8 A.M. When i oppened the door she came barging in past me enetered my property disrespectfully walked upstairs with the kids asleep and attempted to open my windows before i stopped her.She loudly told me why i didnt air out the closet and i told her i didnt want the mold infested closet to air out to where my kids are sleeping upstairs.I told her to get out along with some other comments.I wont write anymore but if your reading this you know who you and you should lose your job bottom line.


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