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hello, we lived in a house for 4 and a half years the first year we had a lease and i paid my rent on time every single month then the second year my husband took ill and we was forced to make r monthly payments in weekly payments and we did that for the next 2 years but whenthis happened the landlord never made up a new lease so we only had the lease the first year the next 3 years there was never a lease, then i took ill and we got behind in r payments and the landlord even took r deposit as a months rent so that we could stay there, then all the sudden they wanted us to pay the deposit back they evicted us we moved in 7 days then 6 months later the took us to a magistrate and of course we loss cuz i wasnt represented by an attorney and i wasn t allowed to say a word they knew my situation and how i was struggling financally then they tried to set us up on a payment plan that i could never afford and i told them soo and then i did start to send them small payments and when i say small i mean small i struggled to send them 5 dollars a week payments and they wasnt even cashing the checks so i stopped sending them and 8 months later they r coming after me again and they r goin after my belongings they r starting with my cars, then i guess my personal belongings these people know i dont have the money and they just dont care !!! do i have any rights involing my belongings?? i am fighting for disability and i am in the appeal stages i truely do not have the money i just dont know what to do?thank u very much tina libert


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