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ok i really need help, so this weekend police came to my housse, my sister in law opened the door was scared that there were so many cops and let them in. so my sister in law rents 4 of the rooms in the house and it come with her own living room and kitchen, the rest of the house is divided between me, my husband, my baby in one room, my brother in law in another and mother in law in her room and we also have a family friend that was staying our living room. they searched the entire house never stating the reason they were searching everything. they took our family friend because he had possesion of drugs on him. when they didnt find anything they came to our work place and questioned my brother in law saying that he robbed some house and kept saying that they know he did it, then the questioned my husband, they stated that they were just questioning him because he was near his brother at the time. They took photos of both of them. and stated they will return to my brother in law for further questioning. my question is what can i do? i mean could they really search all our rooms without our consent? and why question my husband if thats not who they were looking for? and is there anything i can do bout my family friend? someone please help


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