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hi we are renters of a home and had a truck go threw our home the beginnig of march, the man fell asleep behind the wheel, were out of home do to expousure to our home from the outside, they havent started working on the house yet, and my landlord is trying to get us to sign a paper so she can get the guys insurance to pay our aprils rent cause we are not in the home and to repay us for half of marchs rent we already paid but at the end it says we are not to break the rest of the lease no matter how long it takes to repair the home? my question is what are our rights as tenants and do we have to sign that paper? we have 4 small children and staying in a small studio room at a familys home, because our landlord said we have to pay for a hotel and the insurance will repay us but we just cant afford it, so now were stuck and have no idea what to do???


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