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My parents are renting an apartment and I live with them. I pay some rent because I am a colllege student and going to school. I just got my car a couple months ago and I am in desperate need of a parking space. My manager did and still does not want to give me a parking space for his own ignorant reasons thing of which my past managers granted tenants with an additional car a parking space outside our apts which does not interfere with traffic, peds, or cars. He has now set up a "fire-lane" behind the car that parks infront of my dad and that "fire lane" has been used as a parking space in the past along with the parking spaces outside of my apts. I have no idea why he finds it hard to give me that parking space if all the other managers have done it before. It wasnt until he stepped in as a manager that there are no parking spaces available and that there is now a confusing "fire lane" inside of our parking lot. I now struggle to park elsewhere and I have gotten crashed by an anonymous driver and had to pay 200$ for a new fender. I find this unjust and I really would like to know if I have any kind of rights to having a parking space because my manager never wants to do anything about it. Can anyone please let me know if I have any rights or anything I can do about my situtation?


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