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My husband and I rented a home in 2006. We wage resided in the rental for 6 years now. When we first rented the home the owners told us that the prior renters had moved because of family problems( they had to move closer to relatives to help them out) a few food items was left in the fridge, chairs and side tables in the garage. My husband and I didn't make much of it. Food went in the garbage And chairs and tables in the storage unit. Our land lord past away about a month or so... One of his daughters took ownership of the home... The change in owners and a few comments that she made prompted me to search on line. It turns out that only a month before I rented the home and moved in with my husband and kids that a murder/suicide had occurred in my home in my bedroom.,. It all made sense the new carpen in the bedroom, coverings over the mirrors in the bedroom, the food in the fridge... It turns out the previous renters were being evicted for late payments of 5,700... My landlord never did a walk through of the house and always refused to enter my bedroom... I'm upset and need advise... In 6 years my land lord checked the house once, never did any updates... The back deck is totally unsafe..I can go on and on!! Please help!!


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