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Hi well i just had wanted to say that i have been living in my apartment for a couple of months and i was on public assistance then once i started working they cut me off so i have been paying my rent for a month now and when i say when we first moved in it looked alright but looks can be deceiving, it was roaches mice and everything and it was horrible and i have two babies so one of those things can go right in their... i mean it's ridiculous how it is and now he is trying to take me to court because of i am late on the rent now i never heard of a landlord refuses to pick up the rent money he said it was illegal i just would like some input on this... i had the money and he refuse to get it so like what is wrong with him now he is trying to evict me because im late and i only can pay when i have it i don't get payed alot and i get payed bi weekly so he knows that and he told me that i have to give him the rent money and 600 dollars for legal fees added on is that possible can he do that... can he do that if i pay the money that i owe once we go to court will they tell me that i have to pay that is it true or not that i have to pay that large amout of legal fees and he taking me to court


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