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This article clearly supposes Rosie the homemaker actually doing what it takes to make the home. Sadly this article pretends to delve into the topic with fairness, ostensibly asks who fares better in divorce but then goes into only hardships women face, while ignoring fatherhood as important at all, thereafter disregarding parenting done by fathers, then baldly stating women should be compensated for their sacrifices. The only sacrifice my ex made was bearing one child. Thereafter, she made it her solemn duty to watch TV day in and day out on the couch, contributing by racking up credit card debt and cheating on me. Please, men get crushed with burdens from their wives, debt, paying his attorney fee AND hers, child support, alimony, and private school tuition. She shirked every time there was an opportunity to work, instead working her excuses til they meant nothing any more. What do you have against men?


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