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After almost 3 yrs marriage when my daughter was 3 mos. old I discovered my husband was a pedophile of huge proportions. He lied to me since before our marriage that his old computer related possession of child pornography was a "judicial misunderstanding" since he accidently downloaded a few pictures of 16 & 17 yr. old dancers and was given a few months probation in the early '90s. He is now in federal detention since Nov. 2008 awaiting trial for "possession of child pornography, over 100 counts." Aftr extensive investigation by TBI, Nashville PD and TN Dept. of Child Services I was cleared of any knowledge and have since moved home to TX with my daughter. The evidence is said to be over 1 million pictures, 5,000 videos, "erotic stories," etc. on an elaborate server system operated both from our home and his computer software office. I want an annulment on the grounds of gross fraud and misrepresentation of himself. Please advise of my options, if any, in TX. Thank you very much.
Angela Austin Pate


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