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I made a will with you in January. In the first portion in the family clause I listed the names of the two children that I wish to leave my estate to. I failed to mention my younger son as it was my intention to leave him out. I'm wondering if my not even mentioning him will present a problem. I so that portion needs to be revised and the name Robert E. Dray added.
Also under the principal distribution clause where it states if the Principal heir does not survive me I designated that the share of my estate that should go to him be given to Angela Mantzke, I meant to designate that, that share of my estate that should have gone to him should go to his children Benjamin Dray and Sydney Dray. I paid extra so that changes could be made within one year. If you not are the party to help me with this could you please forward this to someone who can help me either via E-mail or by phone Thanks Barb Dray


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