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My ex-husband lost everything when he divorced his last wife and he has one small child that he pays child support. Now he lives with me. He owns only a car. Everything is in my name and he does give me child support money. He has older children from previous marrage that will give me problems, over what he has given me thoughout these years for taking care of him. Is there a special cause I should have in the will? There is no life insurence.We were married for 20 years, then he married again then she left 7 month later, divoriced 1 year later. We have been together 11 years with a total of 31 years together. We are in Indiana and plan to move to Texas, I have two properties one in each state. Indiana is mine though our divorice and I purchased last year one in Texas, so we could be out of the cold. Please advice me of the "Will" I will need and the type of "Will" he well need. Thank You


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