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My step daughter is married for 6 yrs to a military personell. He died 2 wks ago. He had a life insurance policy of which their daughter was 50% benificary his mom 30% and a married girlfriend 20%. While he was incapacitated in bed from an unsuccessful bone morrow transplant, confused and all, his mother obtain power of attorney and some how got his insurance benefit change making her 100% beneficary. On top of that she unsuccessfully tried to divorce my daughter before he passed. i dont know how she did this because her husband could not speak, could not write and i know would not leave out his only 5yr old daughter with nothing. he loved her too much. the mother always interfere in there marriage. The army paid her 24 hr to take care of her son so she was always there. She use this opportunity to prevent my daughter from visiting her husband. Took away both cars and create a scene in the hospital room evrytime she went with their daughter. Please help.


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