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Hello, I have a child that I have helped raise since birth , I am now temporary guardian to him . his mother was abusing drugs and tried to commit suicide last august. he was then moved from her home into her sisters home , then his mother moved him from her sisters house to his paternal grandmothers house and then from there he is now with us. so he has been moved by his mother 4 times since October 2009 through CPS. I want to get permanent guardianship of him so she can no longer move him until she can complete her treatments and get him back through CPS. CPS told me the only way that I can make 100% sure that he can not be moved from my house is to go file permanent guardianship documents through the courts. I don’t know what exact paperwork I need to get and fill out. I could use some help in this process. If you all have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.



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