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My sister left on 02-17-09 leaving 2 children Alexandra 14 Roberto 10. My niece is in remision from hodgekings lymphoma. Make a wish foundation made her dream come true which was to have a quincianeria. The mother my sister left them on01-17-09 since then we have not heard from her. The father of the children passed away on the 08-16-10. He gave me power of atterny to get them registered for school. My niece is reciving ssi for her disability. my nephew is reciving survivers benefits. I am the care giver in the forms from the social security office. I would like to know what I can do to stop her from trying to get them from me. please let me know what paper work I need to file and where.I REALLY APPRECIATE WHAT EVER HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME


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