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i am not getting help no more from where i have filed my affidavit with the police, this person that stole my life also got put into jail so my name my ss#, everything is no good there are no progress in that matter and i found out that this guy is in my area here in houston free. when he had a situation a few month ago. i need help. i want my life back havent been able to work for 4yrs now credit back, and name i cant do noting. i have worked aready with the social sercurity adminatration office and waiting. i have no $ to get a lawyer and where all this is being handled is n south texas area cameron county. im trying to contact the local tv reported try to bring this publicly and try find this guy and getthe police moving. its a huge huge case i have had lawyers turn me away. there are no probono down there and what can i do please.


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