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I took my car to AAMCO to have the oil transmission service together with a full diagnosis of all transmission components. They changed the oil and told me my transmission is in great working order. I paid for the services and drove away. Soon after I started feeling my transmission react strangely. ( I own an Acura CL TypeS ) so it needs special Honda oil. I took it back to them and complained with the owner and requested to know the type of oil used. Their answer to me was that it was "Honda certified oil".They refused to tell me the type of oil they put in the vehicle and proceeded to tell me that they didn't have to give me that information. I told them that Honda has their own oils and that they are very explicit on the type of oil used. I used them to try and keep business in my near my home to support my community, what a big mistake. I am now having transmission problems. I need help on how to approach them with a letter to fix it or replace it at no charge to me. Any help will be appreciated on how to proceed.


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